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Dance, at it's core, is part of all of us.

We offer Ballet, Tap and Jazz for all ages. With specialized classes in lyrical jazz, poms, theatrical dance, pointe, pre-pointe, spins/leaps and turns, and even adult classes we cover your needs.

For well over 50 years, and over 20,000 students, we have been teaching the art of dance while providing the special connection with our students that has made Little Theatre unique. It's not the steps that are remembered throughout life, it is the lessons learned while dancing that actually make a difference.

Uniquely qualified instructors provide a comforting balance between proper techniques to be mastered and the student as a whole. With multiple generations of former students to watch over us, we strive to provide the high quality experience we have always been known for.

Tiny Tot Dance Classes are available at both locations. The program is especially designed for children 3-6 years old. Always a crowd pleaser, these young students perform at many of our shows.



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