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   Fast Track Piano Lessons

Take learning to play the piano into high Gear:

  • Learn piano quickly.
  • Play music that you want to play.
  • Learn to add spice to your music.
  • Private and group lessons.

Common Questions:

Q.   Is this method hard?
A.   No. Does it take practice - yes. However, this is one of the fastest ways to learn to play. You will be playing music during the first lesson.

Q.  Am I too old to learn this style of music?
A.  Never, this system works well with all ages but is especially suited to busy adults.

Q.  What kind of music do I learn?
A.  You can decide what style of music you want to focus on. The basic skills are transferable to any nearly every style of music.

Q.  Do I have to have a piano? I have a electronic keyboard.
A.  No this method works with both traditional pianos and electronic keyboards. A simple basic keyboard works just as well as a traditional piano.

Q.  Will I have to learn scales?
A.  While a scales are a good thing to know, they are added as an optional tool. Face it the more you know the better your playing will become but this method doesn't rely on hours of time spent working on scales.

Q.  What kind of class do you have?
A.  Both group and private lessons. Times to fit the busy schedule are available. Lessons can be scheduled on a flexible time slot to accommodate even the busiest of student.

Q.  Are lessons expensive?
A.  No, group 1 hour group lessons start at $65.00 per month(4 lessons) and privates start at $95.00 per month for a 1/2 hour lesson each week.

Q.  What if I am in a group lesson and can't keep up or miss a class?
A.  Make-up classes are available and extra help is always extended to allow you to feel comfortable in the class.

Q.  If this is so easy to learn why don't all teacher teach this method?
A.  Well, honestly this method isn't for everyone. If you are trying to become a concert pianist this method will not take you there. However, the majority of students have the goal of being able to play music not become a concert pianist and this method is designed to get you playing faster, with more confidence, and style quicker than traditional methods. We also offer traditional lessons for those inclined to learn via traditional methods.

Q.  So how do I get started?
A.  Call 303-233-2970, or email us at alittlemusic@qwest.net.

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